AMD company

What you should know about the AMD Company

AMD - A global leader you can partner with for high-grade solutions:

Advanced Micro Devices is an American multinational semiconductor company that is based in Sunnyvale, California. The company was established in 1969, with only $100,000. A year later the company introduced its first proprietary device, the Am 2501 logic counter. In 1979, Advanced Micro Devices went public and debuted on the New York Stock Exchange. Its first biggest customer was IBM and in 1982, IBM signed an agreement to serve as a second source to Intel for IBM PC microprocessors. Its history was established by a commitment to innovation and putting its customers first. The current President and Chief EXECUTIVE OFFICER are Rory Read and the senior vice president is Chekib Akrout.

Products for multifarious industries:

Today the MARKETS that they serve include the following:

Home/Consumer - The home and consumer segment offers consumers various products such as tablets, notebooks, and desktops.

Commercial - For the commercial segment, AMD offers products and services to the government, EDUCATION, small and midsize companies. Some of the products for this business segment include:

Server, carrier-grade systems, desktop, notebooks, and professional graphics.

Gamers - AMD offers designs and products that are used in the both high-performance and industry-leading GRAPHIC DESIGNS.

Partners - AMD works with global OEMs, component manufacturers, distributors, resellers and leading software providers to ensure customers achieve their goals.

Embedded - AMD offers embedded technology and solutions that give its customers flexibility to design scalable low-cost and feature-rich products and drive energy efficiency. The industries AMD provides embedded products for include:

Industrial control and automation- AMD offers several applications that range from headless sensor and control systems, to complex displays with easy-to-use-human-machine interfaces and highly integrated controllers.

Digital gaming - AMD offers innovative features that enable customers to transform designs of electronic gaming MACHINES.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE retail- AMD offers its customers embedded processors that help deliver performances used in the digital signage and retail systems. Some of the features of their processors include: multiscreen installations, resolutions that exceed 1080p- up to 2560*16001, low-cost, low maintenance systems, built-in HDMI, DVI and display port-cable interfaces, scalable performance enabling a flexible platform

Developers - AMD offers platform solutions, support for multiple languages, and support for open source.

AMD software

AMD's products are used everywhere and empower EMBEDDED DEVICES. On November 11, 2013, AMD announced new accelerated processing units for next-generation servers through important advancement in SOFTWARE TOOLS developed by AMD. The new servers will help servers adapt to modern data center workloads. Then new servers are designed to drive highly efficient, low-power, dense server solutions optimized for highly parallel and multimedia workloads.

Company AMD has announced the arrival of the first family low-cost budget Sempron processors, which will be equipped with new base Socket AM3. The first representative of a new type will be one core Sempron X1 140 based on the architecture of processors with Athlon X4 II core "Regor". This will convert data with a frequency of 2.7 GHz, at full load will consume only 45 watts of electrical power as the processor core is made with 45-nm technology.

the presence of fast storage controller for DDR2 and DDR3 memory, a third version of Hyper Transport technology, which runs with frequency of 2.6 GHz and with support of visual technology AMD-V.

Intel is currently dominating the market of pocket and portable computers with Atom processors. Atom processors are equipped with one of two cores and are constructed with 45-nano-meter technology. Now Intel has announced that they developed a new successor to Atom processor which will come to stores until the end of the year.