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2018 Brings Artificial Intelligence-Based information Protection For Home Users

We are nearly closing year 2017 and year 2018 is just around the next corner. There are high expectations for the coming year, and world visionaries have put forward their theoretical predictions as to what will happen to our working culture. It is true that the way we work keeps on changing at a fast pace and we expect the same to happen for 2018.

The way we work depends largely on technological innovations that keep on changing as time goes by for improvement purposes. Today the concept is mainly driven by the strategic move from the traditional methods towards the hybrid cloud.

Technology advancement in 2018

In 2018, we expect to see a lot of changes in the work environment. The Hybrid cloud is supposed to offer the best tools to enhance the operations of the work environment. It will unify all available applications from all kinds of platforms. These include all on-premises and enterprise applications, mobile applications as well as cloud applications. The hybrid technology will make it possible for all these applications to in a consistent manner move across all available devices. Interconnectivity will be the keyword in the world work environment.

Being the major key driver hybrid technology will offer the work environment many advantages. There will be much more mobility than before with work getting increasingly more location independent. That means people will work anywhere they want whether on an airplane flight, in a ship cruising along the ocean, in a remote part of the world such as ‘Siberia’ or in any other location.

Major concerns

Though the benefits are many that will come up with an improved hybrid technology, the concerns are many also. To most organizations, the problem will be how to absorb the changes to integrate the technological advancement at the same time ensure processes integrity. There are other issues such as the expenditure for companies and the security aspect. System security is a major concern for most users as threats to security move almost at the same pace as the technological advancement.

Artificial Intelligence in 2018-as a protective measure for cloud-based information

Artificial intelligence can simply be defined as the capability built into a system in the form of a program. The program is able to make the system perform certain tasks that can be performed by a human being using the God-given intelligence. The machine is given similar kind of intelligence with the ability to make informed and accurate decisions.

Plans are already in place for artificial intelligence and other kinds of machine learning technologies to be made use off in fighting the security threats posed to cloud-based information. These technologies have in the past been very effective in protecting against information threats such as credit cards fraud cases, data security posed by viruses and other threats. Following are some of the areas to be covered by AI.

cyber attack

  • Cyber-attacks- Cybersecurity involves protection of systems and the information against all the known and unknown threats such as cyber warfare and espionage, System intrusion and many more threats. Artificial intelligence can be used to effectively protect against these kinds of threats.
  • Crime and security prevention- We have effective defense mechanisms such as the Computer Statistics, New York Police Department in the U.S which could have been termed as a form of artificial intelligence protection. We expect this kind of security to improve in 2018.
  • Artificial intelligence can be used to ensure that there is privacy protection. Especially when data mining is taking place, its complex nature through the use of data mining technologies does not always ensure personal privacy. Artificial intelligence can be effectively used towards this end.


Innovated well and used diligently, artificial intelligence technology can change in a great way, the way people and organizations handle work-related issues.

The predictions by the visionaries are already showing signs of working as predicted and the year 2018 promises to come up with major improvements in the area of using technology to create a better work environment.